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Afraid To Commit To Physical Therapy? Have Your Concerns Answered By An Expert FOR FREE Before You Commit!

"Hello, my name is Tonya and I was referred by a friend to Synergy Rehab and Wellness for a minor sports injury. A few months later, I experienced an accident while playing Intramural Basketball. 

After x-rays confirmed my worst fear. My hand surgeon referred me to Synergy for physical therapy to regain usage of my arms, which were both broken. Having both arms broken siultaneously was not only challenging physically with the limitations, but it was also very stressful.

My hand therapist, Meghan Little, made me feel like a priority and tailored my treatment to my indiviual needs. The staff was amazing and so gifted at changing/transforming lives one patient at a time! My mobility/flexbility improved!" -Tonya R.


We understand that when it comes to physical therapy some people may be uncertain, may not know what to expect, may be afraid and/or may be scarred from an unfortunate past experience. Or it could be that you're unsure that physical therapy could work, or whether we can help with what you're specifically experiencing. 

If that sounds like you, we want to extend an invite for you to come in and chat one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 20 mins to put your mind at ease!Just complete the short form below and you'll hear from us soon!

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Are You Asking Yourself, "How Can Choosing Physical Therapy At Synergy Help Me?"

We will help you... ​

  • Keep active - so you can run after your kids all day, take your grandchildren to the park with ease and enjoy a nice round of golf, run or walk anytime that suits you! 
  • Stay free from pain medication - so you’re not always reaching in the cabinet for pain medication to ease the pain whenever it strikes - PLUS they’re no good for your long-term health anyway, and they don’t do anything to fix the problem, they only mask it!
  • Avoid dangerous surgery - we’ll help you get to the root-cause of what’s going on quick - often inside 20 minutes, so you don’t have to get to the point of having to face surgery to fix it!
  • Found out what’s wrong - we’ll help give you peace of mind and ensure that your problem is “corrected” and “healed” properly - and we will provide you with the perfect set of exercises that will speed up your recovery!
  • Get more enjoyment out of life - so you can enjoy quality time with family and friends that aches and pains can steal from you, and finally get a good night sleep without tossing and turning trying to find that one position that feels right!

We will help you get back to living life free from daily, annoying and chronic pain!

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