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Afraid To Commit To Physical Therapy? Have Your Concerns Answered By An Expert At Our Workshop Before You Commit!

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Dr. Ryan Bolena DPT will be presenting our Vestibular & Balance: Stop Fooling Around With Falls Workshop!  

Experiencing unsteadiness, dizziness or vertigo? You are at risk of falling and it can be frustrating, scary and dangerous...  


--You should join us if you'd like to discover solutions to any of the following:-- --Experiencing frequent slips or trips? --Does the room spin when turning over in bed? --Do you wonder why you’re more steady when touching furniture as you walk? --Should my balance get worse as I get older? --Should I use a cane or a walker? What in the world is a rollator?

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Are You Asking Yourself, "How Can Choosing Physical Therapy At Synergy Help Me Get Rid Of My Vestibular & Balance Issues - In The Next Few Days?"

  • ​We are trained in vestibular rehabilitation and will teach you exercises to improve the coordination of input between your vision, inner ear and brain
  • We will help you reduce your risk of falling which can cause serious injury and often fatality
  • ​We can find the movement that triggers the dizziness and show you how to gradually progress the speed or position of these symptomatic movements to desensitize or habituate the vestibular system
  • ​We are able to develop an exercise program for you that will be appropriate for your condition and specific to the systems causing your problem 
  • We will evaluate your posture, your strength, your range of motion, your conditioning status and the 3 major systems that contribute to balance and control
  • We will aim to help get you back to enjoying quality time with family and friends that vestibular and balance issues have stolen from you 

You may be UNSTEADY now, but you don't have to feel UNSTEADY about your pain!  

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